For the last 25+ years Omar has worked as a “Ghost Designer” for several brands that have helped shape his view of the world through the lens of fashion. Early in Omar’s career, he played an integral creative role in brands like ENYCE, ROCAWEAR and SEAN JOHN that drew upon the innovations of hip hop to broaden the forms of expression available in fashion. From the creation of FLATIRONSEVEN, a streetwear brand, to OMARXOMAR, a tailored men’s clothing brand, to WRAITH, an avant-garde men’s luxury sportswear label, he’s developed and honed my skills and techniques. The luxury brand OVADIA & SONS and his time as a director at ROBERT GRAHAM benefited from his tailoring knowledge, knitwear expertise, comprehension of streetwear culture and merchandising acumen. Out of Omar’s decades of innovation as a designer and participant in the creation of early streetwear, he developed his own style influenced by architecture, origami, technology, and the cellular structure of nature. His designs are uniquely positioned for a sustainable future…a wearable future. IMØØN/5UN is a brand of designer clothing created for the fashionable parent that desires stylish and unique apparel for their little humans. Inspired by a child’s imagination and a futuristic world where the universe is in grasp, the label’s gender non-binary approach to fashion allows for creativity, freedom and play. MØØN/5UN is functional and inspired gear that both little humans enjoy and their parental units love.